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  •  Paddy's Bar

    Paddy's Bar

  •  Karaoke at Paddy's

    Karaoke at Paddy's

  •  The O'Briens

    The O'Briens

  •  Live Music at Paddy's

    Live Music at Paddy's

  •  Magners Cider

    Magners Cider

  •  Karaoke Night at Paddy's

    Karaoke Night at Paddy's

  •  Full House

    Full House

  •  Rugby Hamburg

    Rugby Hamburg

  •  Busy Bar night

    Busy Bar night

  •  Hamburg Gins

    Hamburg Gins

  •  Karaoke boys

    Karaoke boys

  •  Live music at the bar

    Live music at the bar

  •  Hamburg Rugby

    Hamburg Rugby

  •  Hamburg Huricanes

    Hamburg Huricanes

  •  Pub patrons

    Pub patrons

  •  Party at the pub

    Party at the pub

  •  The Irish Can

    The Irish Can

  •  Sports Fans at the pub

    Sports Fans at the pub

  •  Paddy's Day

    Paddy's Day

  •  Arsenal Fans Hamburg

    Arsenal Fans Hamburg

  •  St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day